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EU will 'play its role' to support Ukraine-Russia gas deal

The European Union will "fully play its role" to implement the gas deal signed by Ukraine and Russia on Thursday, the French and German leaders...

Kurds' battle for Kobani unites a people divided by borders

Cloaked in Kurdish flags, thousands of people lined the roads to cheer on a military convoy headed for what was -- until recently -- an obscure Syrian...

Bombs at marketplaces near Baghdad kill 9 people

Iraqi officials say bombs have struck marketplaces near Baghdad, killing at least nine people.

Heavy security as Israel reopens Jerusalem site

Israel has reopened a contested Jerusalem holy site and deployed hundreds of security personnel amid rising tensions in the city.



Hackers probing financial system defenses show reasons to worry

Hackers are testing the financial system’s cyber defenses, and they can boast of some alarming...

Kuroda jolts markets with assault on Japan deflation mindset

That’s Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s latest remedy to reflate the world’s third‑largest economy.

Netanyahu emboldened in faceoff with Obama seeing little to lose

If there’s one thing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s critics and allies agree...

Russia raises key rate more than forecast on ruble selloff

Russia’s central bank increased its benchmark interest rate more than forecast by economists, bringing it to the highest level since it was...