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Here's the latest news for Monday, October 20th: TX Ebola quarantine lifted; Liberia's President says Ebola has killed 2,000; Human remains found in Virginia; Man rescued from fire.

Ex-S.African soldier pedals back to Angola, 25 years after war

In March 2014, Paul Morris published "Back to Angola, a journey from war to peace": this...

Russian act wins Alternative Miss World

The Alternative Miss World competition is held in London, with Russian act Miss Zero+ taking the crown. Edward Baran reports.

Jokowi takes over Indonesian presidency

World leaders attend inauguration ceremony of new Indonesian president. Julie Noce reports.

Apple - yawn - unveils slimmer iPad

It wasn't the wildest of times, but Apple unveiled a slimmer iPad and also a new mini iPad not much bigger than the new iPhone 6 plus. Bobbi Rebell...

Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold reportedly extended

Various media outlets are reporting that Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold has been extended. Bob Mezan reports.

Rescue efforts in Nepal wind down

Nepal's government says it is winding down its rescue operations around the popular Himalayan trekking route that was hit by a blizzard last week,...

Cuddly Ebola toy almost wiped out

All three versions of an Ebola virus toy are sold out on a website that markets plush dolls of microscopic organisms. Tara Cleary reports.

The Duchess of Cambridge's newest addition is due in April

Prince William and his wife Kate are expecting their second child in April. Roselle Chen reports.