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Pakistan parliament convenes as political crisis deepens



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Poor response to Ebola causing needless deaths: World Bank

The world's "disastrously inadequate response" to West Africa's Ebola outbreak means many people are dying needlessly, the head of the...

Amnesty condemns IS 'ethnic-cleansing' in Iraq

Amnesty International has accused Islamic State jihadists of "systematic ethnic cleansing" and mass killings of minorities in northern Iraq, in a...

UN chief says 'no military solution' to Ukraine crisis

UN Secretary General Ban Ki‑moon warned Western powers Tuesday "there is no military solution" to the Ukraine crisis, as NATO pre

Philippine airport bomb plotters planned anti-China attacks: govt

Three men arrested over a foiled attempt to bomb the Philippine capital's airport were also...

Detroit's historic bankruptcy trial to begin

Lawyers for Detroit will attempt to convince a federal judge at the city's bankruptcy trial that its plans to wipe out billions of dollars in debt...

Japan space agency unveils asteroid hunting probe

Japanese space scientists have unveiled the asteroid hunting space probe they hope to launch later this year on a mission to mine a celestial body.

Hong Kong police arrest 22 pro-democracy protesters

Hong Kong police have arrested at least 22 people during a series of protests targeting a senior Chinese official visiting the city, authorities said...

Peru police display record 7.7 ton cocaine haul

Peruvian police displayed in a Lima airport police hangar on Monday what officials called the largest cocaine haul ever in the Andean nation, 7.7 metric...