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Rare whale fossil pulled from California backyard



Thai Airways bans shark fin from cargo flights

Thai Airways has banned shark fin from its cargo flights as part of a growing global campaign against the popular delicacy in Asia.

Parched Texas city hopes to cut lake evaporation

A North Texas city already has deployed two unusual techniques to try to cope with a persistent and lengthy drought, and Wichita Falls just added a third,...

Future grows darker for solar energy growth in Japan

On the second anniversary of a scheme aimed at boosting Japan's renewable energy after the Fukushima crisis, its powerful industry ministry is taking...

Millions of jellyfish-like creatures wash up on West Coast beaches

Millions of jellyfish‑like creatures have washed up on beaches along the U. S. West Coast over...

Bees provide a sweet solition to Airbus' pollution problem

Beehives are placed near an airport runway in Hamburg to measure pollution levels on behalf of aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus. Elly Park reports.

Alpha plans 1100 lay-offs at 11 coal mines in West Virginia

One of the nation's largest coal producers said Thursday it expects to lay off 1,100 workers at 11 southern West Virginia surface coal mines by...

Paris suffering rat problem at tourist sites

On a summer's day in central Paris, hundreds of tourists are enjoying a picnic in the city's Tuileries garden.

Tesla expects to boost 2015 output to more than 60,000

Tesla Motors Inc, the California‑based maker of luxury electric cars, said it expects to build more than 60,000 cars in 2015, after spending heavily...

Goodall warns great apes face extinction

The world's great apes face extinction within decades, renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall warned Tuesday in a call to arms to ensure man's...