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Filled with artifacts, ancient Mexican tunnel may lead to royal tombs



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Vaccine 'success' raises hopes of saving koalas from chlamydia

Australian scientists said Wednesday they have successfully tested a vaccine against chlamydia in wild...

Electric-car drivers trading gas for solar power

Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas‑free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight.

E-waste inferno burning brighter in China's recycling capital

Mountains of discarded remote controls litter the warehouse floor. In a dimly‑lit room, women on...

Oil-rich Saudi must invest in solar energy - official

Oil‑rich and sun‑blessed Saudi Arabia has no choice but to invest in solar energy, a senior official of the national electricity provider said...

Two million barrels of oil on ocean floor after 2010 BP spill

Around two million barrels of oil from the BP spill off the US Gulf Coast in 2010 are believed to have...

Lava from Hawaii volcano makes steady advance

Officials say molten lava from a Hawaii volcano has been flowing steadily in an area where residents have been warned they might have to evacuate their...

Gear shift needed to meet climate pact deadline: observers

Nations will have to roll up their sleeves and make important compromises to meet the deadline, just 14 months off, for a global pact on curbing climate...

Philippines' rare dwarf buffalo charges against extinction

The population of the Philippines' dwarf buffalo, one of the world's rarest animals, has grown to its largest since efforts to save them from...

Zoo in Chile lets the brave tickle a lion's tummy

Dare ya, double dare ya, to tickle a lion's belly. Or touch his menacing claws.