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Hong Kong protesters to hold street vote



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Ukraine's key election fails to spark enthusiasm

Gazing across the Maidan square, Evelina Martirosyan recalls how euphoric she was as she joined protests that changed Ukraine's history.

Brazil awaits bad news whether Rousseff or Neves takes helm

Whoever wins Brazil’s presidential runoff election this Sunday won’t have much good news to deliver on the outlook for the world’s...

Botswana votes as ruling party faces resurgent opposition

Botswana's ruling party faced an unprecedented test against an invigorated opposition as one of Africa's most stable democracies voted in general...

Brazil's Rousseff widens lead over Neves ahead of Sunday vote: polls

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has a clear lead of between 6 and 8 percentage points over her...

Brazil race hinges on appeal to lower middle class

The debate boiled in Lena's Salon in Rio's Cantagalo slum, as patrons argued about who should win Sunday's presidential election.

Eyeing 2015 vote, UK's opposition Labour promises immigration curbs

Britain's opposition Labour would crack down on immigration if elected next year, its leader Ed...

UN rights body calls for open elections in Hong Kong

The United Nations Human Rights Committee called on China on Thursday to ensure universal suffrage in Hong Kong, including the right to stand for election...

African beacon Botswana prepares for tight election

Botswana will on Friday hold what are expected to be its closest elections since gaining independence from Britain 48 years ago as President Ian...

Ukrainian PM warns Russia may try to destabilize Sunday's election

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk on Thursday warned of possible attempts by Russia to...