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Indian soldier's body found in Kashmir after 18 years



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Iyengar yoga founder dies aged 95

BKS Iyengar, the yoga guru who helped take the ancient Indian spiritual practice to the rest of the world, died on Wednesday aged 95, his website said....

Pope OKs protecting Iraq minorities, wants UN OK

Pope Francis on Monday said efforts to stop Islamic militants from attacking religious minorities in Iraq are legitimate but said the international...

Turban ban discriminatory - US lawmakers

Two US lawmakers have launched a campaign urging FIBA to reconsider their policy after two Sikh players were asked to remove their turbans during an...

Ferguson protester describes arrest at gunpoint

Allen Frazier is losing count how many times he's been stopped by the police. But he's unlikely to forget the moment when, as he said Tuesday, an...

Obama walks fine line on racial issues

Under a photo of Barack Obama carried by demonstrators in a town rocked by racially‑charged protests, the appeal to America's first black...